Finally we did it!
By today our website is online,with my narrow mind and conaissance in
web programs and designs.
Well I think that in future it is to be better,
but as a startline,I'm quite satisfied by this work.
OK so I'll stop chatting about myself,let us go to see about the band,
We have just finished 5 sweet and ravenous songs which are to be played
on the upcoming show in this month.

The set list will be;

Neural Euphoric Educated Tribe
2 Dimension Complex
Distempered Self Portrait
Discriminated Quality Nature

Unfortunately,for the moment we have no demos,
but as we have a strong intention to record
these songs and to make a sweet CD,
it'll be available at your patience.

Our project is just in progress but with an uncanny speed,
to say that we've got only 4 sessions for writing the whole songs.
Here I'm really glad to announce that this is a extremely serious case!!!

You are on the board!Cheers!!

Posted by Claudio(Vo)

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